Who We Are

WWA-Expanding-GoalHaven Sign Factory is a well-established social enterprise with over 40 years of experience in sign manufacturing. Combining the latest in computer technology with skilled staff, Haven Sign Factory provides a complete range of signage services. We pride ourselves on our customer service and every stage of the production process, from design to installation, is tailored to meet the needs of individual customer’s signage requirements.

Our Unique Selling Point

Haven Sign Factory is proud to be a supplier on The Scottish Government Framework for Supported Businesses. We provide sustainable employment for adults with a disability or complex barrier to work, across a range of supervisory, administrative, clerical and manufacturing jobs.

Working with Haven Sign Factory can assist your organisation in meeting its Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Haven Sign Factory contributes in making Scotland a fairer and more inclusive society by providing valuable opportunities to those who are unable to take up work in the open labour market. In return for a contract with Haven Sign Factory, customers benefit by receiving high-quality products and services whilst helping to sustain a Scottish supported business.

The Haven Group

Haven Sign Factory is a part of Haven Enterprises, which is an award winning social enterprise and charity which specialises in providing employment and training opportunities for over 220 disabled workers across its six sites, predominantly based in Scotland. In January 2015, Haven Sign Factory (Signage) along with Haven PTS (Textiles), and Haven Redrock (Digital scanning and archiving) moved into a new state- of-the-art 50,000 square foot facility in Larbert.

All of these supported businesses come under the banner of Momentum Scotland, which has a proud history of supporting people in the UK who require additional support to get back into work. We are all part of international charity the Rehab Group, which has been supporting people into employment and sustaining people in employment for over 65 years.