Recently we have featured in CalMac’s annual newsletter Horizon for April. This issue focused on the work of Haven as a supported business and social enterprise which has been having great success as an SME and the fantastic work we do for CalMac.

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As part of our BID commitment we agreed with Transport Scotland that we would ‘maximise opportunities for local SME’s, support businesses and social enterprises, where possible, to tender for supply contracts’.

To help us deliver on this commitment we have been exploring opportunities to work with social enterprise businesses across our network. A social enterprise trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community. One such business is Haven Products.

So who are Haven Products and what type of services do they carry out for us?

Haven is part of the Rehab Group, a leading not-for-profit organisation providing rehabilitation, training and care services for disabled and socially excluded people throughout the UK. Haven operates from a number of key sites across Scotland, delivering services to a client list ranging from international blue chip firms to local businesses. While operating as a commercially viable and efficient business, Haven is first and foremost a social enterprise; with the unique attribute being that the majority of their highly skilled and comprehensively trained workforce comprises of disabled and disadvantaged adults.

Haven provide a variety of services including: Signage Provision, Document Scanning, Textile Manufacturing, Secure Storage and Fulfilment,Printing and Mailing Solutions, Quality Inspection and Re-work and Complementary Workforce Provision.

Here at CalMac we make use of both their printing and mailing solution and their signage provision.When we send information to all our employees at home, some 1600 locations, we use Haven to print what we require, address envelopes with each individual name and address, pack everything we need into the envelopes and then ensure delivery through Royal Mail.Over the last couple of years they have undertaken mailings for us providing employees with information on the CHFS2 Executive Summaries, pensions information, Chief Executive updates, to name but a few.

On signage, recently we have been working closely with them on the roll out of the new operator mark, ensuring that we have appropriate signs across our network.                                                            It is important that our staff and customers have visibility of the new operator mark so that they are ware of who is delivering the operating service.

As a business we are delighted to be working with this social enterprise and playing our part in supporting economic sustainability within the communities across our network.